5 Powerful Speakers to Drive Attendance

By Matt Swenson, January 9, 2017

Looking ahead to a new year means dreaming about endless possibilities. For planners, that means nailing down powerful speakers to drive greater attendance. Here, we play matchmaker for 2017. Please note, these are wishful thinking—no contracts have been signed.  

Speakers President Barack Obama keynote events conferencesPresident Barack Obama

NAACP Annual Convention
Relieved of his duties of running the United States, the president will be available for speaking engagements. This event in July is a natural fit, plus it’s in Baltimore—an easy commute from D.C.

Speakers Michelle Obama keynote events conferencesMichelle Obama

National Association of Professional Women Conference
The first lady will be the first choice for many events, especially any involving empowering women.

Speakers keynote events conferences Jeannette WallsJeannette Walls

American Library Association Annual Conference
The best-selling author of “The Glass Castle” will be speaking royalty with the movie version starring Jennifer Lawrence coming out next fall. Librarians will likely prefer the author to the actress. 

Speakers keynote events conferences Vice President Joe BidenVice President Joe Biden

American Veterans Center Annual Conference
Once he’s no longer VP, Biden will surely be looking to carry the torch for Beau Biden, his son who served in Iraq and died of cancer in 2015. His story would connect with any veterans group.

Speakers keynote events conferences John OliverJohn Oliver

North American Broadcasters Association
AGM Event and Conference
We’re guessing political jokes are not going out of style after this election cycle. None are better at the jabs than Oliver, widely admired by broadcasters for his sharp wit.

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