Inside the First-Ever Amazon Inventions Tour

By Matt Swenson, September 29, 2015

One of my two-year-old daughter’s favorite books is called, “What Do You Do With an Idea?” In it, a small child cares for a large egg—clearly coming prior to the chicken in this case—before it blossoms into something magical.

For about 1,000 attendees from as far away as Bangladesh and the Netherlands, answers to the book’s question was to make their way to the first-ever Amazon Inventions Tour in Atlanta’s northern suburbs. At the two-day event, the collected effort of marketplace giant and innovation workshop Edison Nation, proven and would-be inventors brought their ideas and finished products to Infinite Energy Center.

Amazon panelists judged the completed inventions, with Edison Nation securing $50 million to assist the launch of selected products, some of which you will be seeing for sale on the e-commerce juggernaut’s website in coming months. Edison’s team also evaluated those bringing their proverbial sketches on a napkin—the ideas yet to be hatched—providing guidance on the next steps in the process.

While the inventors waited for their turn in front of experts, they were treated to a speaker series discussing the various steps it takes from taking your egg and turning it into something magical. Topics ranged from the background stories of self-created billionaires to big ideas becoming reality to social responsibility to compliance— making sure attendees’ ideas remain their property in the legal world.

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