Mail of the Future From Meet Puerto Rico

By Natalie Dupuis, April 7, 2015

I’m slowly checking items off the list of things I wanted to happen after watching the Disney Channel Original Movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” in the late 1990s. Zenon’s Zap Pad technology is now known as FaceTime; holograms are real; and leggings and the topknot bun are trending again.

Yesterday, another futuristic tool from the movie landed on my desk in the form of video mail. The terms snail mail and futuristic may read as a bizarre juxtaposition, but this was not just a DVD in an envelope—it was a miniature, wireless LCD screen with built-in speakers and a film programmed to turn on and play when opened. It’s from Meet Puerto Rico, previewing my familiarization trip to the island that’s coming up at the end of this week. The piece is reminiscent of the Hallmark cards that play music every time they’re opened, but instead of a rousing rendition of “Hound Dog” by Elvis, it’s a video showing snapshots of important sites around Puerto Rico. This is one of the most inventive marketing pieces I’ve seen from a CVB yet.

Stay tuned for coverage of the sights and sounds of Puerto Rico on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook this week, and look for upcoming stories in the magazine as well.

Share with us! What was the most creative piece of snail mail marketing you have seen or executed?

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