2016 40 Under 40: Taylor Michele Clark, CMP

By Connect Staff, March 16, 2016

Taylor Michele ClarkTaylor Michele Clark, CMP
29, Event Coordinator
International Facility Management Association, Houston

What I do: “I make events from 50 attendees to 5,000 attendees happen with what looks like ease.”

What I really do: “I am not only party planning by picking menus and bands. I’m also looking deep at the historical data, keeping up with our budget and examining the overall attendee experience. Being type A comes in handy.”

Greatest career accomplishments: Earning her master’s degree and CMP.

Superstar stats: Before Clark came on board, IFMA was using four different vendors for conference services, including its mobile app, pre- and on-site registration, call for papers and exhibit management. She saved the organization more than $50,000 per show and streamlined processes by finding a vendor that could provide all four options in one package.

Next-gen ideas: “I implemented the association’s first wellness program
to keep attendees active and healthy at the conference. I also created the first solo attendee program designed to help those attending the conference for the first time to connect with one another.”

What’s next: She’s managing IFMA’s first conference in India, launching this year in New Delhi. “I am learning a lot about managing meetings internationally.”

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