3 Phrases Meeting Planners Should Add to Their Lexicon

By Connect Staff, July 6, 2016

Drop these three new words and phrases into your daily event prof conversations.


A new group segment to describe smaller citywide conventions (1,350 to 2,499 rooms on peak). The term was developed by Joe Stern, market sales leader at Marriott International, who created a miniwide executive position to focus on growing this emerging market in Washington, D.C.

Collision Space

Intentional areas at a meeting or event that get people colliding or running into each other to talk, learn and reflect. For example, in an open area with food trucks, swap out tables for a group of couches in only one area. It forces attendees to sit together and converse.


The act of business networking while physically exercising and working up a sweat. The catch? You’ll have to leave your headphones behind. Think of your early morning hotel workout as doubly beneficial: When you land your next event sponsor on the treadmill, you can thank us.

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