4 Reasons Kimmy From “Fuller House” Was Destined to Be a Planner

By Anna Dunn, February 26, 2016

When “Fuller House” premieres on Netflix Feb. 26, the 13-episode series will get the audience caught up with the beloved Tanner family for the first time since the “Full House” finale in 1995. The original series, which premiered in 1987, perfected the art of storytelling, and its sequel hopes to follow suit. One thing we know is the Tanners (and friends) are back to provide more feel-good storylines and teach important life lessons.

Much to our delight, honorary Tanner family member Kimmy Gibbler is returning as a party planner. (We can only hope she graduates to meeting planner before too long.) We rounded up four reasons why Kimmy’s road to the events industry comes as no surprise.

1) She wasn’t afraid to bend the rules.

Whether it was her often questionable fashion choices or her ability to sneak into the Tanners’ house, Kimmy never hesitated to be different and do things her own, quirky way.

…But she was good at reading social cues.
2) She was the ultimate networker.

Whether they wanted to or not, everyone knew Kimmy. Her personality was bubbly and outgoing, and she wanted to be friends with everybody. She also knew how to connect people to one another—if they asked for her help or not.

3) She appreciated good F&B.
Kimmy had a sweet tooth (and disdain for veggies: “I had a traumatic experience with squash once; I ate one”). We imagine the dessert spread at her events would be incredible.

4) She was perceptive.
Despite making less-than-stellar grades in school, Kimmy had a solid intuition and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind.

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