5 Apps to Keep You Productive and Organized

By Camille Moore, September 21, 2018

If you need help staying productive at work and in life, don’t fret. There is an app for that (naturally). Here are five picks to proactively stay productive at work.

Documents 6 

If trying to locate your files is like going on a scavenger hunt, download Documents 6. This app will keep track of all your files and store them on your phone or iPad. You can open and view an assortment of different files: zip files, PDFs, images, videos, books and more.


This cloud-based writing-enhancement platform was created by linguists and now is available on smartphones for you to craft cleaner sentences. The app analyzes your writing and suggests improvements to your text. It’s basically a free writing assistant in the palm of your hand. It checks sentence structure, spelling, word usage and more. You can pay a fee to upgrade to Grammarly Premium for improved word choice and style suggestions.


See something you like and save it for later using Pocket. The app allows you to save videos, articles and anything else to view later. You can save directly from your browser or from one of the 1,500 apps integrated with this app.


Quip allows you to collaborate with your team in a central hub. You can store documents and spreadsheets in the app, where everyone on your team can view and edit documents simultaneously, with real-time chat built in. Since all information and projects are stored in one place, there’s no need to worry about switching between tabs and folders.


Keep your life organized with ToDoList. You can track and manage all your tasks in one place, with the ability to highlight what’s important using color-coded tabs. You can also measure your progress with visualizations, and the app links to other apps such as Dropbox, Amazon Alexa, Slack, Google Drive and more.

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