5 Podcasts Conference Organizers Should be Listening To

By Susan Finch, April 5, 2019

The Events Podcast

With a new podcast every Friday morning, The Events Podcast interviews people who are leveraging the power and exposure of events to build their business. CEO of Events Frame and host Dan Taylor says, “Our guests are a full range from people running several huge conferences, down to people running small meetups to support their communities.” But the content aims to be actionable and focused on building momentum, as well as inspiring. “I focus on getting to the detail of how they plan, promote and run their events so the listeners get concrete tips that they can use straight away,” says Taylor.


#EventIcons is the longest running video podcast in the events industry. Hosted by Will Curran, the “Chief Event Einstein” of Endless Events, the podcast is currently the only place that you can join the conversation live and ask the guests questions directly. “I think our industry needs less inspirational fluff on latest trends and ideas on how to implement the new color of the year but instead hear from people who are producing the biggest events in the world and how they tackle issues,” says Curran. “We are extremely tactical on the podcast and love to give hard takeaways each week.” #EventIcons has over 152 episodes, and “offers an MBA’s worth of learnings from the people who are actually are making things happen in the industry.” Endless Events also recently launched the Event Tech Podcast to cover the technology side of event planning.

Whether you’re looking for your own free consultation in podcast-sized form, new ideas for your next event, or action to implement right away; adding to your rotation of industry podcasts could take your business to the next level. You might even want to join the conversation and pitch yourself as its next featured guest.

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