9 Tips for Better Event Decor

By Mari Shirley, August 12, 2013

Before you plan your next big event, remember these rules from Steve Welsh, creative director at A Legendary Event and The Estate event facilities in Atlanta, on the top dos and don’ts on event decor and design.


Hire a seasoned professional. A professional with a well-respected reputation and a proven track record will help you save time, money and energy. View the person’s work and do your homework. That one decision will dictate the success of your event.

Go on a site visit. Not all venues can appropriately fit installation requirements you may have for an event, so measure once and check it twice. A special events company can secure the details for all load-in docks, determine any noise restrictions or identify foreseeable issues. Make sure all of your decisions with regard to the design of the event work in the venue you have chosen.

Consider the power of color and what it conveys. Different events bring about various goals and emotions that a given color can either intensify or pacify, so the intention of the event itself is essential when making color selections. For example, green can personify wealth and profit making; orange communicates energy and excitement. Color can make or break an event.

Secure the Pantone colors. The exact shade of a color is critical when doing a event. The company originally selected those colors for a reason, and it is important to use the exact colors to match or accent a company’s logo colors. Orange might be coral, burnt, reddish orange or dozens of other shades.

Walk through your event as if you are an attendee. Before your event begins, look at it from the attendee perspective. This can become a way to ensure all of your attendees’ needs are met. Consider each person’s comfort, safety, ease of finding the location, restrooms and beyond.


Forget first impressions. The first impression of your event will set the mood. Poor first impressions can include an unfriendly staff or no welcome when attendees arrive.

Think small. When it comes to design and leaving impressions, it is much better to have statement decor, floral or catering everyone will remember. Stunning entrance flowers, an appropriately colored carpet with rope and stations, or a dramatic bar makes a huge statement and will keep everyone saying, “Wow!”

Cut corners when it comes to safety. You never want to put your guests in harm’s way. Small details such as making sure all cords are safely out of the area, candles are used in appropriate areas and all safety requirements in the building are met can be the difference between a fun time and an unwanted accident. Be aware of all precautions a venue requires.

Forget to put Mother Nature on the guest list. Always have a plan B for unexpected rain, wind, heat, cold and humidity. You will never regret being over-prepared. That might include tents, umbrellas, different entrances, increased staff and more. Check weather reports and think ahead.

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