AV Advice from the Experts

By Marc Boisclair, February 9, 2018

AV 101

Integrating audiovisual into a meeting program isn’t rocket science, but it does require some mental investment to comprehend AV technology and how it fits into the meeting itself.

Pay attention to the big picture(s).

A major component of meetings is sharing content on screens or monitors, so confirm all the projection details (e.g., fonts, resolution, aspect ratio, power access) beforehand, allowing enough time to test your files to be sure your hard work will be displayed beautifully during your program.

Sound advice.

A frequent challenge in larger- scale events is ensuring all audience members can hear what’s going on. A professional AV company should provide ample, even levels of sound throughout an event space and make sure all speakers or presenters feel comfortable with their microphones.

Keep tabs on your content and its delivery.

Your checklist should account for things like computer-switcher compatibility; where and when music is required; the number and types of microphones, including Q&A mics; and any extra lighting needed to record an event.

Spread the AV wealth.

Audience attention spans are shorter than ever, so consider using satellite stages to break up longer events, such as awards shows and general sessions, to keep attendees engaged.

Question everything.

Make sure your vendor has your best interest in mind by quizzing them about all AV aspects, from equipment and talent to placement and installation.

Test-drive your AV system.

Take a seat in the banquet hall, ballroom or seminar room and soak up the sound and lights from the attendees’ point of view, noting things like blocked sight lines or bad acoustics.

Work in some “wow.”

AV is all about the experience, whatever the price point. Use color, light and sound to engage attendees in something truly memorable.

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