AV Advice from the Experts

By Marc Boisclair, February 9, 2018

Spend Smart, Save More

A set budget shouldn’t preclude cutting AV costs whenever possible.

Utilize your 501(3)(c) nonprofit status.

When booking AV, “You can typically find vendors that will apply a discount,” says Cooper.

Consider purchasing—rather than renting—certain equipment.

“If you do the same type of meeting over and over again, it can pay to invest in your own projector or presentation computers,” says Frankel.

Comparison shop, then swap.

“Lectern mics tend to be more cost-effective and easier for presenters than lavaliers,” says Meck, while monitors (plasma screens) tend to be less expensive than projection screens.

Find yourself an AV BFF.

When planning repeated, smaller and mid-sized regional meetings, consider working a deal with one AV vendor to cover multiple projects.

Go gray.

To turn a simple room into something elegant, use gray draping with LED uplighting. “It absorbs any color you put on it and is a budget-conscious way to make something out of nothing,” says Frankel.


Options abound for using social media—notably Facebook, Twitter and Instagram— to expand and engage attendees, while costing little or nothing but time to employ.

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