AV Advice from the Experts

By Marc Boisclair, February 9, 2018

Language Lesson

The AV world has a lingo all its own. Here’s a handy list of useful terms, courtesy of pros Scott Frankel and Lindsay Meck.

Aspect Ratio: The proportion of height to length on projection screens

Gobo: A custom lens, inserted into a lighting fixture, displaying a brand logo or graphic onto a wall, floor or other surface

Switcher: A device allowing seamless movement from one computer to another

Rigging: A truss framework, connected to a ceiling or roof structure, which allows you to hang or suspend audio, lighting, video and scenic designs above ground

Stage Wash: Lighting that floods the stage so presenters are not standing in the dark

Cue Sheet: Provides cues and instructions to the lighting, audio, video and stage management team on event details

Speaker Timer: A small digital clock facing presenters on stage that counts down their allocated speaking time

PerfectCue: A light-and-sound signaling system enabling a speaker to remotely control presentation software

Stage Manager/Showcaller: Person in the AV tech booth who manages lighting, sound and video operators

Lav/Lavalier: Small microphone that attaches to a lapel or shirt collar

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