Best of Connect Association: November 2016

By Connect Staff, November 30, 2016

Each day, we strive to bring you the best content about the events industry. But we know you are also busy planning so a few stories may fall through the cracks. Here is your second chance. Below is the list of our most-read stories for November 2016.

1. How New Federal Overtime Changes Will Affect You

2. American Marketing Association Launches Speakers Bureau

3. 6 Things Meeting Profs Should Care About, From MGM’s Michael Dominguez

4. Getting Personal at Grand Wayne Convention Center

5. How to Improve Your Leadership Skills in Five Minutes

6. What Planners Wish They Knew at 22

7. Why Conductive Ink Could Revolutionize Marketing

8. 6 Ways the Meetings Industry Is Embracing Immersive Tech

9. How to Get Around Washington During D.C. Metro Closures

10. 4 Podcasts to Improve Your Creativity

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