Convention Centers and Conference Spaces of the Future

By Christine Born, January 20, 2015

The next-generation convention center and conference spaces of the future need to appeal to Millennial participants. As associations work to woo new members from this large demographic group, meeting space design will have to keep pace with workspace habits and preferences.

Office designers, architects, research and studies seem to agree on what’s in, or universally desired: vibrant locations; open spaces with high ceilings; access to daylight; formal, informal and remote collaborative spaces; flexible space from furniture to walls; more amenities; and sustainability.

Newer convention centers already incorporate many of these elements, as do some upgraded and reconfigured older facilities. Yet, trade show floors, ballrooms and classrooms haven’t changed much in the last half-century. Demand is already here—for a better meeting experience that integrates design and technology to create more branding and personalization in the form of multiple screens; colorful furniture groupings or pods; modular, writable, glass and interactive LED walls; art installations and projected-light graffiti; and amenities, like food stations, shopping and interactive media inside the convention center.

Take a look at the 10 must-haves for conference spaces of the future and what’s already happening inside forward-looking office and conference spaces.

1. Remote meeting spaces

remote meeting conference spaces of the future

2. Interactive light graffiti

wall light graffiti conference spaces of the future

3. Interactive glass LED wall

LCD wall interactive conference centers of the future

4. Vibrant conference location

conference centers of the future remote locations

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