Dave Beachnau Is Detroit’s Good Sport

Dave Beachnau Is Detroit’s Good Sport

By Matt Swenson, March 16, 2017

Detroit Moves Forward

Adjacent to Little Caesars Arena will be an outdoor plaza slated to host dozens of events annually. A five-star 350-room athletes’ hotel is planned for next to the arena, and as many as four boutique hotels will open in 2018.

The 3.3-mile QLINE streetcar rolls into action this spring up and down Woodward Avenue.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes in 24 years,” Beachnau says. “There isn’t a better time to make our mark and move this thing forward.”

Beachnau notes that pro sports make for a good excursion after meetings or during an open night, but the stadiums are available for large events. For instance, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America brought 30,000 attendees to Ford Field for its 2015 Youth Gathering.

Attracting citywide events is a top priority for Beachnau. But the CVB, which serves three counties and not only Detroit, also added two positions designed to target smaller corporate and association meetings.

If it sounds like Detroit is trying to have it all, that’s because it is. Beachnau says the city is ready and eager to make up for lost time.

“I feel honored to be given this opportunity with the position our region is in and so much opportunity in front of us,” he says.

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