What Will Future Events Look Like in 2025?

By Connect Staff, January 3, 2015

Vision 2025: What will future events look like? Taste like? Sound like? For decades, popular culture has portrayed an often comical, sometimes apocalyptic and usually entertaining view of a future populated by helpful robots, flying machines and oversized computers.

But surprisingly, those visions foreshadowed what was to come—controlled environments, multiple-screen computers and even phones that allowed colleagues in different locations to conference at the same time. What are event futurists predicting for 2025? What follows is a peek at what may transpire in the exciting decade ahead.



Flexpad Event TechThe Future of… Event Tech
From 4-D teleporter site visits to hoverboards on the expo floor to charging stations for electronic legs, we’re excited to see what the future of event tech brings to the meetings industry.



The Future of… F&Bvertical farming event f&b trends
From urban farming to appy meals to vertical farming the latest event food trends in hotels around the world are bound to effect meetings and events.




conference spaces of the future designThe Future of… Meeting Design
The next-gen conference spaces of the future need to appeal to Millennial participants. As associations work to woo members from this large demographic, meeting space design will have to keep pace.



apple pay event logisticsThe Future of… Logistics
Event elements going forward may involve Fast Pass access for attendees who are willing to pay more, Apple Pay or cashless payments, ultra high-tech air travel for VIP attendees and more.

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