Great Wolf Lodge Debuts New Property in Southern California

Great Wolf Lodge Debuts New Property in Southern California

By Kelsey Ogletree, March 3, 2016

Any special F&B offerings?

We can source local and organic [food] quite easily in the Southern California market. Build-your-own smoothie bars are popular—two groups already have those on the books for future events. We are also good at incorporating fun into your event. One thing we can do is a version of “Cupcake Wars,” where our GM is the judge.

 What kinds of groups are you targeting?

We predict SoCal will perform like our other 13 locations in the SMERF market—that’s about half of our conference and group business. Coming in second is corporate (20 percent), then association (17 percent). We’re also excited to be in such close proximity to Anaheim Convention Center. We’re partnering with them on several events already.

Does the waterpark serve as a draw for meetings business? 

It does occasionally, but mostly it’s just another amenity. Some groups don’t even know it’s there; other groups will extend their stay through the weekend to allow family to come. Sunday through Thursday a lot of parents don’t want to pull kids out of school. But it depends on the time of year. If families can come, that improves attendance—and that’s fairly true across all meeting segments.

What’s next for the brand?

We are opening another property in Colorado Springs in late 2016, and hoping to open five more within the next five years.

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