How to Develop a Learning Strategy That Creates Value

How to Develop a Learning Strategy That Creates Value

By Camille Moore, June 18, 2018

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Agile organizations and individuals who can adapt easily to a changing environment learn and perform better. Yet, only about 20 percent of organizations have a learning strategy—and less than 5 percent of those keep it up to date. This webinar makes the business case for developing your learning function for a competitive advantage and shows you how to implement it.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain the business case for learning as a competitive advantage.
  2. Outline the critical steps in developing a comprehensive learning strategy.
  3.  Identify sustainable best practices.

Speaker Bio:

John Nawn_Photo

John Nawn is the founder/CEO of The Perfect Meeting, which designs formal and informal learning and content strategies that help organizations grow revenues and increase market share. John has served as chief learning officer for several multinational corporations and associations across different industries. Unlike most learning professionals, John specializes in monetizing learning. His learning programs have generated over $200 million in revenues and cost savings.


Register for “How to Develop a Learning Strategy That Creates Value”

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