How to Harness Creativity to Improve Results

By Timo Kiuru, June 20, 2019

What is creativity? So much has been written about it and there’s probably no other topic, which is as mystified and glorified as creativity.

Finnish creative director, Saku Tuominen, defines creativity as the ability to see and the desire to do things better. What I like about this definition is that it doesn’t only focus on planning and ideas but emphasizes the point of making an effort for attaining better results.

Creativity is passion for finding ways and doing things better. Being truly creative makes you vulnerable and takes a lot of courage. It can change the world we live in!

How you can become more creative?

 There’s no shortcut to creativity but here’s a few tips, which work for me:

  • Listen more than you talk. Ask a lot of questions. You’ll learn nothing by talking.
  • Break your routines and try something new.
  • Express yourself through writing, dancing, music, cooking, fashion or visual arts.
  • Travel a lot. Read, dream, and go to the movies. Visit creative spaces like museums, stores, fashion shows, exhibitions, cafes, restaurants, hotels, theaters, amusement parks, toy stores etc.
  • Take time to find inspiration. The best creatives go through a lot of inspiration during the day.
  • Surround yourself with other creatives—people who live differently than you do. Value people who are brave enough to be different.

Why does creativity matter now more than ever?

The future of any industry is for those who create, not for those who compete. It’s not important to understand the future it’s important to create it. The only way to know if something works is by giving it a try. True in life and in business.

Head toward the fringes, towards the unthinkable. One day someone will come up with something unexpected, something that will change the rules of the game. That’s called disruption.

The truth is out there.


Author Bio: Timo Kiuru is a global creative director and the founder of an experiential design studio The Unthinkable. He has written a free interactive book on experience marketing, and travels the world speaking to professional audiences. He was a member of Connect Corporate’s “40 Under 40” class in 2016.

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