Predictions for the Future of Event Tech

Predictions for the Future of Event Tech

By Connect Staff, January 1, 2015

Here, some wild (and not so out-there) predictions for the future of event tech. From 4-D teleporter site visits to hoverboards on the expo floor to charging stations for electronic legs, we’re excited to see what the future of event tech brings to the meetings industry. Here, a few ideas and predictions.

In 2025, you probably won’t be greeting attendees with handouts. As attention spans continue to dwindle and eco-friendly options rise, you’ll need to increase efforts to keep audience interest. High-definition displays have been the expectation for years, and 4K TVs with curved screens will be the norm soon. The future of personal displays might look something like Flexpad (shown above), a handheld display created by Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab that can be filled with information remotely and bent or deformed to transform visuals in an engaging way.

Future Sites and Sounds
With the way virtual reality is progressing, in-person site visits may not be necessary. Last year, Marriott launched a 4-D teleporter prototype that sent participants on virtual tours of properties in Hawaii and London. “We’re at the forefront of bringing virtual reality and travel together in ways that give consumers the ability to sample a destination before booking—but also looking at how it can be used by planners to tour a hotel or ballroom prior to a convention,” says Michael Dail, vice president of global brand marketing for Marriott Hotels.

Droning On
Amazon and Google are racing to make drone deliveries common for future commerce. At meetings, these remote-controlled devices could drop raffle prizes directly into winners’ hands or supplies needed by attendees. They also deliver drastically enhanced videos and photos at events and enable marketers to retrieve shots from exciting vantage points. Still squeamish about items buzzing over your head? You have time to warm up to the idea. “We’re not ready for it yet. Once the marketplace gets comfortable, you’ll see it integrated into our industry for everyday use,” says meetings tech expert Jim Spellos on the future of event tech.

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