Ravi Chalaka’s Guide to Calculating Trade Show ROI

By Ravi Chalaka, June 18, 2019

Effective Use of Meeting Rooms

At an event, you can have meeting rooms that are not used effectively. One of the key benefits of a MAP is it allows you to efficiently track room usage. You are wasting money if you are over renting on rooms. Not only can you determine the value of your money spent at the show this year, but you can also see where you can cut costs next year.

 Time Spent in Meetings

An average B2B meeting could last anywhere from 30 minutes to more than 2 hours. Time is very valuable to both to the requestor and an event attendee. Looking at the time spent in meetings by the right people (subject matter experts, executives allows you to see if whether the business is maximizing the value of the investment at trade shows and conferences.

Win Rate

The number of opportunities that result in actual sales is the win rate. Taking a deeper look at the win rate allows you to see the success the business is having at each stage of the sales cycle, and better place them throughout the cycle and the impact of events in closing deals.

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