Drop This Healthy Buzzword Into Your Lexicon: Sportspitality

By Kelsey Ogletree, September 19, 2016

Say hello to the latest industry buzzword: sportspitality. As more people become conscientious about taking care of their health on the road, hotels are stepping up their fitness game. A 2014 survey from American Hotel & Lodging Association reported 84 percent of hotels had a fitness center or exercise room, up from 63 percent in 2004. Taking it a step further, some hotels are partnering with high-end gyms and boutique fitness studios. The sportspitality mentality (how’s that for a mouthful?) centers on the wider trend of providing guests with more amenities inside the hotel, hence giving them fewer reasons to leave. Inside 1 Hotel South Beach in Florida, for example, SoulCycle will soon open a facility; Exhale yoga studio already has a location in Miami’s Epic Hotel; and luxury gym Equinox plans to open its own hotel in New York City in 2018. 

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