The Three Waiters Catch Attendees by Surprise

By Hayley Panagakis, March 25, 2016

Putting a new twist on the old flash mob idea, The Three Waiters’ surprise opera act is so realistic, attendees won’t know it’s a performance until halfway through the show. The trio, which has done thousands of shows worldwide for groups like the Iowa Motor Truck Association, disguises its actors as servers who do everything from greeting guests to serving main entrees.

The performance begins when the headwaiter comes to the stage to thank his guests and begins singing, but keeps the illusion by telling the audience that an executive board member paid him to sing. A competition begins between the other waiters in similar disguise, but eventually, the show becomes so elaborate and interactive that guests catch on. “A big topic of conversation after the show is who figured it out first,” says Brad Wilson, general manager of The Three Waiters.

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