6 Travel-Friendly Products to Keep You Fit on the Road

By Hayley Panagakis, January 17, 2017

Staying fit on the road is easier said than done for wayfaring meeting planners. Kelly Treadway, founder of event prof fitness blog Event Professionals Run the World, says she stays committed to three routines during her travels. “I track my food intake, meditate at least once a day and [do] at least 30 minutes of physical activity.” Treadway helped us pick out a few travel-friendly products to use during your next workout away from home.

travel-friendly products SKLZ Dual Point MassagerBalls to the Wall

A tough workout (or just a long flight) can leave you with a back full of knots. Enter the packable SKLZ Dual Point Massager, which works out tension when used like a foam roller. Bonus: They also do wonders for your aching post-event feet. $15

travel-friendly products Nike Pro IndyBounce Back

“An ill-fitted sports bra can ruin a workout,” says Treadway. Ain’t that the truth! Whether doing weight training or a long-distance run, her go-to sports bra is Nike Pro Indy. $45

travel-friendly products Body GlideChafe-Safe

Body Glide is a balm that prevents chafing, irritation and blisters. Throw it into your carry-on and break it out during cardio workouts or before walking the show floor. From $6

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