Trend Watch: Sequined Displays

By Libby Hoppe, June 14, 2013

“Once the glitzy go-to of girly girls and pageant queens, the sequin is staging a major comeback,” wrote Elle editors in September 2012. The same qualities that make sequins a hit on the fashion runways also make them a hot new trend in marketing and design. SparkleMasters, an L.A.-based company, is creating giant sequined murals that recreate photos, logos and the like. “The creations are lessons in pixelation,” writes Joseph Flaherty of Wired magazine. “Every projects starts with an image that gets processed in Photoshop, where each pixel is matched with a sequin equivalent. Assembly templates are created and teams of workers, sometimes as large as 80 people, spend up to a week turning sequins into street art.” With that much labor, you can expect the process to be costly: Large murals can cost up to $40,000. It’s a big price, but it makes an even bigger statement.



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