Visit KC’s Cori Day Wins 2019 Executive Excellence Award

By Lynn McCullough, March 14, 2019

Cori Day, vice president of sales and services for Visit KC, understands the complex role that event service professionals play. Whether it’s an event, a venue or a destination, she is selling an experience—and everything revolves around customer service because you haven’t done a good job until they say you have.

“Customer service has to be the number one priority of everything we do,” said Day, who has nearly 23 years of experience.

This recognition and passion for service are what earned her the 2019 Executive Excellence award, which was presented at the Event Service Professionals Association’s recent annual conference.

While in college studying to be a teacher, Day took a front desk job at a local hotel. She quickly rose through the ranks and transitioned to the CVB sector, joining the Columbia, Missouri, CVB. When she joined the organization, Day quickly learned how essential service professionals are to how clients experience a destination.

The service professional also has the role of hospitality ambassador for the event location. The service and professionalism leave a lasting impression on the client and their guests. If they have a great event, they will view the destination favorably and possibly want to rebook or return for leisure travel in the future.

She believed in the necessity of the service professional so much so that when she joined the Visit Independence CVB and they didn’t have a service professional, she quickly remedied the void by creating a convention services position.

After leaving her mark as director at Independence, Day joined Visit KC three years ago. Visit KC was the first place where Day experienced working with an entire team of event service professionals.

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