Two Keys to Collaborating With Lighting Pros

Two Keys to Collaborating With Lighting Pros

By Samantha Sackler, February 21, 2017

Focus Attention on the Right Places and Spaces

With the right lighting design, you can naturally shift guests’ attention to the areas you want, whether it be the head table, stage, bar or another scene.

Pin spotting lighting, for example, can be used to highlight guest tables, centerpieces or decor. This technique allows a spotlight to illuminate a specific feature. Table uplights can be used to add color and a pop of excitement to cocktail parties. Bars, usually buzzing with activity, can take center stage with strategic lighting that highlights and directs guests to enjoy a drink. When paired with bars with architectural elements like mirrors or rich textures such as leather, lighting can emphasize the luxury of such pieces.

Many flaws can also be artfully hidden with washes of light, even enhancing or altering linens and draping colors to create the perfect hue (even if budget does not permit changing these).


Samantha Sackler is CEO of Samantha Sackler Productions and designer8*Event Furniture Rental, as well as a partner in Infinity Marketing. She has more than 20 years of experience in the events industry.

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