4 Email Marketing Tips for Event Planners

By Amita Patel, CHSP, August 23, 2012

2. Get recipients to open your email. To encourage recipients to open a message, you need to incorporate an eye-catching and enticing subject line that’s relevant to the subscriber, which greatly increases the chance a subscriber will open it. Using strategic words can make the difference between your email getting opened or trashed. Do not include a subject line that is misleading. You will lose credibility with the recipient and risk being reported as spam. Also, keep in mind that more than 70 percent of consumers use mobile devices to sort through email before reading them on a desktop computer. Format your emails for mobile devices so they don’t get deleted right away.

Emails can easily land in a person’s junk folder. Depending on each recipient’s email settings, there are numerous reasons a message can appear as junk. To avoid this, do not use all capital letters or special characters such as explanation points in the subject line. Also, emails with one large image or too many images and not enough text can end up in the junk folder. Finally, run your email through a spam test to be sure it hasn’t crossed over into the junk category.

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