4 Email Marketing Tips for Event Planners

By Amita Patel, CHSP, August 23, 2012

3. Get recipients to act on your email. All email messages need to include a very clear call-to-action. If it doesn’t exist or is buried too far in the email, you will lose out on potential conversions. People tend to scan emails; you need to ensure your call to action is clear and prominent. Also, direct recipients to a page that coincides with the email, not to the home page of the website, unless there is specific content there. This does not mean you have to create a new landing page. For example, if you are promoting an upcoming convention, send them to convention information page. If it is within your budget, create a page that is specific to the email content. This will help increase the conversion rate.

When recipients see something share-worthy in an email, they will often post your email to their social networks. Include share-to-social links within your emails to extend your reach and maximize the ROI of your campaigns whenever appropriate.

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