4 Email Marketing Tips for Event Planners

By Amita Patel, CHSP, August 23, 2012

4. Avoid the opt-out. Make sure your emails provide value and live up to the expectations you set when subscribers join your program. Use win-back programs to re-engage those who show waning interest or have become inactive. Relevance and frequency are the top opt-out reasons; give subscribers the ability to change their preferences. Forty percent of subscribers might stay on your list if given options, so implement an opt-down program or a preference on the frequency of emails a subscriber receives.


The best email marketing programs are strategic in nature first, then tactical. Create email programs with content that is relevant to the target audience. Relevance and frequency are still the top two reasons for unsubscribing. Relevant content should drive messaging to the recipient, and an email that is poorly designed for viewing on a mobile device causes a negative impression of your organization, so optimize your emails for mobile devices. You can retain subscribers if they are given options such as an opt-out program.

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