How to Prevent the Afternoon Slump at Meetings

How to Prevent the Afternoon Slump at Meetings

By Matt Swenson, October 14, 2016

Take a break.

Zoblotsky says meditative moments, like the 10-minute pause Hilton is sponsoring at IMEX in Las Vegas in October, can rejuvenate weary eyes and spirits. “You just stop and take a breath,” she says.

Take a hike.

If attendees can stretch their legs, or, better yet, get a breath of fresh air (gasp), they might just stay better tuned in during afternoon sessions.

Play with your food.

Perhaps the biggest hit of late at Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C., has been a cut-and-create salad bar. Attendees get a taste of experiential meetings by grabbing a pair of scissors and slicing up greens and other produce. Servers then provide a protein of choice to make it a hearty, but not overwhelming, meal. “We wanted to instill a quality-over-quantity mindset with meeting and event professionals,” says Capital Hilton Executive Chef Philip Thompson. Thompson adds he has taken to adding lentils and farro to provide unusual salad options.

Practice makes parfait.

Attendees can’t be perfect, but they can have a parfait with hazelnuts to get their day off on the right foot. Zoblotsky raves about one such early morning offering—which Hilton pairs with a 6 a.m. yoga session, like the one she tried at the new Hilton Cleveland. A parfait buffet also looks better than silver trays with whatever is being called eggs during general session.

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