How to Make Your Event Stand Out on Instagram

By Michael J. Solender, March 6, 2017

Don’t neglect monitoring and responding in real time.

Someone on your event team should actively monitor Instagram feeds during the event and respond in real time, says Miner. “People seek connection. We want to know someone’s listening,” he notes. “Sharing real-time feedback with likes or reposts encourages multiple postings and provides affirmation.”

Do capture moments with Instagram Stories.

Planners often carefully curate their Instagram feed to show the “finished product,” says Moscucci, but thanks to the new Instagram Stories feature, event planners can post what is happening in that moment, similar to Snapchat. “From start to finish, followers can see the process of setting up to what is happening at that very moment, as if they were attending your event,” she says. Remember, these stories only stay up for 24 hours, so plan accordingly.

Don’t forget quality counts.

“The images you use create a perception of your event,” says Ross, who recommends posting square images with an aspect ratio of 1-to-1. “Make sure your videos and photos are high-quality and represent your event in the best possible way.”

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